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Instructor, Performer, Choreographer & Promoter David Melendez
Has Died After Long Battle With Cancer

From SalsaNewYork co-hosts Steve Shaw & Manny Siverio:

On Thursday, February 8, 2007, the New York/New Jersey mambo
community lost one of it's most beloved, important & accomplished
members, Mr.
David Melendez.  Diagnosed several years ago with
cancer, David fought his illness and continued to grow the mambo
community.  He was one of the first
instructors reviewed by Manny
more than 10 years ago.  See his Instructor Review.  And see many
articles about David in our section on
Celebrity Articles.  He built the
New York Salsa Congress up from scratch to the level of one of the
world's most important salsa events today.  He created the
Children Teen Salsa Congress in Florida.  He partnered with local
salseros to create congresses in Canada, Boston, Texas &
Bermuda.  Over the many years, he had created the
Starlite Dance
Studio for Bronx youth, home of the performers Heartbreak Boyz,
Junior Heartbreak Boyz, Fuerza Gigante, The Sweethearts, Heart &
Soul, recently establishing a Florida branch of the studio.  He also
created one of the first salsa cruises & the magazine "
Salsa Y Mas".
In addition to his own accomplishments, David was an inspiration
& role model to the salsa community, encouraging & supporting many
to pursue & expand their dancing activities.  His attitude of optimism
& positive action, even in the face of his serious illness, set an
example for those of us who knew him.  We at
SalsaNewYork, Steve
& Manny, will sorely miss David as a great human being & a major
force in the NY/NJ mambo community for more than 2 decades.  
Our condolences go out to his family, close friends & employees.
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In memory of David Melendez
We have just received the tragic news that David Melendez has passed. We will
post the full story as soon as it becomes available. David Melendez was known
throughout the Salsa world for his humility, patience, and warm personality.From
New York City, David has promoted and given birth to Salsa Congresses around
the world, including the New York Salsa Congress, the Texas Salsa Congress, the
Singapore Salsa Congress, the Orlando Children's Congress, the Washington DC
Salsa Congress and more.
-Shaka Gonzalez Brown & Jareau Almeyda, iMamboTV.
SalsaNewYork co-hosts Steve Shaw & Manny Siverio
David Melendez

February 8, 2007

The Mambo Fateegz family is deeply saddened by the death of one of its brothers,
David Melendez, on February 8, 2007.   It seems almost surreal to be reporting this
information, as David was so full of life.  Because of this I am certain that David would
not want this to be a time of tears and sorrow, but a celebration with song and dance.
So I must ask a favor of you, fellow brothers and sisters, put on your favorite salsa and
dedicate the next dance to our brother, our friend, Mr. David Melendez.

Rest in Peace!
Mambo Fateegz family
"Que Siga Bailando En Las Nubes"

This week, the Salsa community has suffered the great loss of a good friend, David Melendez. I had known David for
over 25 years and must say that he was someone you could never forget. Aside from being a true Die-Hard Salsero,
he was a character and knew how to always make you laugh. I have memories of him about 20 years ago, running
up and down the room, during the event "Salsa in the Catskills", getting the crowd going, making them laugh and just
doing all his crazy things to entertain the crowd. This is real the David that I knew! I was the DJ at the first events he
organized for his young students, which were held over 15 years ago at Lehman High School in the Bronx.

I've known the secret, for many years, that would always get David Melendez on the dance floor... play a song by Willie
Rosario, which was his favorite. Whenever he would walk into a club or event where I would be DJing, I would play a
song by Willie Rosario and he would look up at me with his unique big smile, and with a look on his face, that I know
was saying "thank you"...because he knew I was playing it for him. From now on whenever I play a Willie Rosario
song, it will always bring back good memories of David and be in his honor!

Hi Everyone.  As you all know, we just lost one of the most beloved members of
our mambo community, David Melendez.  It is a tragic blow to all of us.  However, I
KNOW that David would not want us to sit around grieving.  As a matter of fact, he
even came to my last social just in January!!!  He was all about living life to the
fullest, every second possible.  Therefore, although this WAS going to be a
Valentine's party, I would now like to make it a night in honor of David's wonderful
life.  If anyone has any stories they'd like to tell about our awe-inspiring friend that
evening, please come and share.  Let's celebrate the joy that he gave the world!!  
David's sister, Debbie has given me her blessing to have this social in honor of
her late brother(her students will be performing that night, as well).  
Johnny Johnson LaVoz Magazine Publisher
Former NYC Salsa Congress Promoter David Melendez has passed away.
This is a major lost for the salsa community. In addition to the NYC
Congress, David was also the Publisher of Salsa Y Mas magazine. David provided
me with an opportunity to write a regular column in his magazine and
was very inspirational and supportive towards my own magazine endeavors.
David was truly a great man and will be sorely missed.

May he rest in peace.

Johnny Johnson
LaVoz Magazine
Mario B. SalsaFeverOn2
It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of a true friend David Melendez.

In actuality, David was friend to everyone he met, as he would always greet you with a smile
and a handshake.  He was one of the most honest and yet the humblest individual that I
have ever met in and around the Salsa scene.

David was and shall always be remembered as an Icon in the mambo community.   
David Melendez

February 8, 2007
I LOVE and MISS YOU deeply!   Rest in peace.
Love Always
Mario J. Gonzalez
a.k.a. Mario B
Edie, The Salsa FREAK
A Tribute to David Melendez
... one of Salsa's Finest

David Melendez has just past away... this is a severe loss for the Salsa World... Truly.  He was
a warm, professional, and sincere person.  His dedication to supporting and promoting Salsa
dancers and events all over the world was second-to-none. Although he was suffering, his
attitude and cheer never ceased to flourish.

His devotion and passion to help kids stay off the streets with dance inspired us all. His kids
are, and will continue to be, some of the greatest dancers in the world.

His loss is a great pain in my heart.   David, you were loved, and will be remembered dearly by
us all.   - Edie, The Salsa FREAK

David, you were dearly loved,
and will be remembered by us all.

Remembering David...

Video Tribute to David    

David Melendez Cha Cha in the Phillipines

David Melendez at NY Salsa Congress

David Melendez @ LQs  November, 2004

Starlight Cruz, November 2005